Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gown/Dress alteration service!!

We are now provide gown and dress alteration service too!

The price range is:
Alter length: RM 50~100
Alter size: RM 120-RM 180

Alter size and length: RM 230

Please make appointment and send your dress to us!

(Noted that if the gowns and dresses have beads or lace on side, alteration is more difficult and time consume, as we need to stitch back the lace and beads after alteration, so price may increase)


For latest collection, please kindly visit:


  1. thanks for sharing gown dress alternation service that gives nice information about buy gown online

  2. Nice post on services provided to buy dresses online in all over the world. I like all this information.

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