Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥ About our gown

Each wedding dresses are based on Class A work of professional wedding dress!

♥Outer materials

We have produce each wedding dress in line with European standards of quality fabrics for export!
(Not low-grade material used in the second hand gown, recycling materials, etc.)

♥Built-in multi-fish bone + chest pad

Inner structure with many fish bone support, can help you build up better shaping chest and waist upright posture!

♥(Inner protection button) Gown is attached firmly with body

♥High quality of handmade beaded

On the lace or embroidery, there are beaded with high quality of beads. Time for you to shine in your perfect wedding!


(绝非低档厂所用的次料、压仓回收料 等)