♥About us

Welcome to Lovely Gown - A "home-based shop" with SSM verified.
Our services:
  • Rental of gowns and dresses

  • Custom made gowns and dresses

  • Custom made bridesmaid dresses

  • Sale of accessories

  • Gown alteration (RM 30~RM 100)

  • Free alteration if you rent or buy from us.

  • Please feel free to visit our blog for previous works: Client's custom made sharing

~独家服务1~ (Exclusive Service 1)

We provide Gown luggage rental service if you need to bring the gown for outdoor or overseas photo-shooting!


带婚纱礼服到国外拍摄对许多人来说或许是件困难的事,其实不然,您可以利用我们的婚纱包,Hand Carry地把婚纱带上飞机。 它提供了非常大的空间,容易收纳又不会容易弄皱。


 Free gown luggage rental when you rent 2 pcs/above of gown !
 Free gown luggage rental when you rent any pieces of Vera Wang's style gown!
租借Vera Wang款式婚纱则能马上获得免费租借!

 更多详情请按这里 (Click for details):完美婚纱包

~独家服务2~(Exclusive Service 2)

Free rental of 2 pcs of veil and a pair of glove when you rent any gown here!




For more details, please visit: Accessories

~独家服务 3(Exclusive Service 3)

Best way to deliver to you ( Pos Laju: Rm 25~30)