Tuesday, May 22, 2012

♥Lovely Bridesmaid Dress

Perfect Bridesmaids should have perfect ♥Lovely Bridesmaid Dress

Custom Made it now !
Or, you can provide us your lovely design (minimum order 3 pcs), we will quote the price you. ^^

~Bridesmaid: BM 4
RM 260
(Also availabe in various colors)

~Bridesmaid: BM 1
 RM 170

~Bridesmaid: BM 2
RM 190

~Bridesmaid: BM 3
RM 200

Sunday, May 20, 2012

♥Eliza In Pink & Dark Beige

When your parents say NO to Eliza in Black...

Luckily, it also available in pink and dark beige!

Come and try it now!

Rent me : RM 369 RM 250

Sunday, May 13, 2012


~陈小春 应采儿~

♥ Rent me: RM 229
♥ Buy me: RM 650

The price include a set of flower wrist band (total 3 pieces)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vera Premium - Custom made or rent at only RM 329

Vera Premium Gown
- Custom Made with

♥Buy me Price. (Pre-order only)
- Or with all Rental RM 329 (Pre-order only)

1.RM 329 活动只限于Vera Premium 的婚纱。
Rental RM 329 is only for Vera Premium Gowns.

Choose the lovely gown, give us your measurement.

3.此活动不是量身定做,婚纱会根据您的尺寸,制作成S, M 或L。(无需担心尺寸问题,因为婚纱将会是绑带设计)
This activity is not custom made. The the size we make will be S, M and L only. (Gown must be design with back tie, alteration provided if neccessary)

4. 新娘们一定要付完全额 RM329,我们才能够开始制作婚纱。Must pay the full amount of RM 329 before we start making gown.

This activity includes free rental of two veil (long and short), gloves and wedding box.

Payment is not refundable.

Either buy or rent, please do not worry about quality as it is the Premium ~!

VP1 ♥ Buy me : RM 680

VP2 ♥ Buy me : RM 720

VP3 ♥ Buy me: RM 760

VP4 ♥ Buy me: Rm 760

VP5 ♥ Buy me: Rm 790


VP6 ♥ Buy me: RM 780


VP7 ♥ Buy me: RM 780

VP8 ♥ Buy me: RM 780

VP9 ♥ Buy me: RM 850


♥ Buy me price include a veil and snowy hanger.
Long Veil: Additional RM 35
Gown Cover: Additional RM 15