Saturday, March 24, 2012

Custom Made Promotion (量身定做婚纱促销) RM399 ++

~~Promotion End~~
Thank you for your support ^^

LovelyGown is now having Custom Made Promotion for 4 kinds of Gowns in lowest Price!
Below are actual photos or, you are welcome to step into studio to see the quality too.
The price include a short veil (with 3 choices) but not include delivery.

The Promotion will be end 30/April/2012

只有四款, 有优雅和可爱型,适合每一位新娘。


Amber RM399 (Price after promotion: RM 650)

Beads stitch on the tube and Beige color waist provide slim effect

Made by Satin
Close up to see the quality

A line Skirt, no need to wear cancan

Long Ribbon along the tail, (can take off the ribbon)

Princess RM399 (Price after promotion: RM 659)

Be a princess at only RM 399!

Thousands of beads stitched on it

Total 7 layers, cancan not required

Yuki RM399  (Price after promotion: RM 650)

Made by Satin
Ever After RM499 (Price after promotion: RM 750)

Full Lace with long tail
Bead stitched at front side


♥ Accessories- Veil New Arrival

♥New Arrival- Include Delivery

♥ Diaz 2.5 meter veil- (日系2.5米头纱)

                                                                    Buy me:RM50

♥ Gorgeous  1.5 meter 3 layers veil- (奢华1.5米,3层头纱)

Buy me:RM45

♥ Flower 3 meter Long veil- (花边 3米长头纱)颜色:纯白或象牙白 White or Ivory


  Buy me:RM55

♥ Tassha 3 meter Long veil- (圈型3米长头纱)

 Buy me:RM55

♥ Elegant 3 meter Long veil- (高雅 3米长头纱)

Buy me:RM60